Business Owners

Need $12,000 To Help Your Business Grow?

Apply for a business development grant from Valor worth up to $12,000!

Since 2008, the Valor Foundation has awarded nearly $6,000,000 to many employers just like you through the Valor Growth Grant program by providing small business grants.

Grants can be used for ecommerce, online marketing and advertising, software development and other specific digital business needs.

What are The Eligibility Requirements?

To apply, you must run a small business with between 1-20 employees (including yourself and not including independent contractors). The business must be located in an economically vulnerable community.

Furthermore, to be eligible for an Valor grant, applicants must:

  • Demonstrate a business need that could be fulfilled by the grant
  • Provide a detailed explanation of how you will use the grant proceeds
  • Show how the grant will improve your business growth and success
  • Offer supporting documentation such as a proposal, contract or agreement

What is the selection process?

Employers that meet the above requirements will be awarded grants on a rolling basis.

When will grants be awarded?

Funding will be paid upon approval of your grant application. Applicants will have 6 months to complete their projects and must acquit the total amount of funding received.

Grant recipients may be subjected to a random audit by the Valor Foundation (or its representatives) to ensure that the information provided is true and correct. We will also send a follow-up survey to all grantees to learn how it was spent and the impact that it made.

How Do I Apply?

Note: Grant funds can only be used towards any of the above activities. The funds may not be used at the applicant’s discretion, instead Valor will only fund projects ready to start.

To apply, you must complete the following steps:

  • Contact your favorite Digital Agency to get a quote for your project
  • After you come to an agreement, have the Agency apply and submit the contract or proposal here
  • Valor will then check your eligibility and your project feasibility
  • Once the grant is awarded, it will take 3-5 days for your Agency to receive the payment

Valor Growth Grants are awarded at the sole discretion of the Valor Foundation. Unfortunately, not everyone who applies will receive a grant. The Valor Foundation has the sole discretion to make no grant or present a higher or lower amount than requested. The Valor Foundation in its sole discretion may award less than the totals indicated to be potentially available. The Valor Foundation will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, age or disability. Decisions of the selection committee are final and are not subject to appeal. No application feedback will be given.