About Us


The Valor Foundation exists to inspire, educate and support the entrepreneurial community. Launched in 2008, the Valor Foundation’s programs provide access to capital opportunities, educational content, mentors, coaching and networking events built to serve struggling community entrepreneurs worldwide. Our grant program, the Valor Growth Grant, provides a boost of sought-after financial support to help entrepreneurs who lack the financial means to start or grow their small businesses. Through the Valor Growth Grant, the Valor Foundation is mobilizing community entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, create jobs, and maximize their social impact on the local community.

The Valor Foundation community is comprised of a diverse group of local entrepreneurs and their supporters. We have educated over 5,000 entrepreneurs through our programs and educational content initiatives, and have built a community of more than 85,000 members and supporters. Through entrepreneurship, the Valor Foundation community has worked to address a number of social challenges facing the entrepreneur community including health care, mental health, waste management, children and families, unemployment, underemployment, transition, homelessness and disaster relief. The Valor Foundation provides capital to make this impact possible.